Called To Serve

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 15th

    This week was really good! Me and Sister Payne are getting along great and are excited for this transfer!
Heavenly Father has helped us so much this week in guiding to people to talk and teach. We have met so many people this week and have a lot of great potentials! One day we were going to see one of our investigator and on our way back to our car we saw a girl walking along the side walk. We started running after her and then slowing down and then running again haha

    i am sure whoever was watching us was thinking that we were crazy! We caught up to her and talked to her about the Book of Mormon. She seemed really interested and we will be meeting with her hopefully this week!

    Another crazy story... We were on our way to a house and I saw 2 girls walking out of a restaurant and I told Sister Payne to pull into the parking lot. The girls had already gotten into their car by now but that didn't stop me from talking to them :) haha  We jumped out of our car and ran to the door. I knocked on the car window and we had a great discussion and bore testimony to them. I had such a love for them and just knew how much Heavenly Father wanted them to have the gospel and how much they need it. They are sisters, teenage age and we gave them a book of mormon. We will be calling them this week to set up a time to see them.

    We had so many times when Heavenly Father puts in the right spot at the right time. I am so grateful for the guidance of the Holy Ghost. We couldn't do it without Him. I hope everyone had a great conference weekend. I love all of you so much! Till next week :)
Sister Hancock

April 8th

  I  have to make this a quick email. It is 5:30. We just got back from Eugene. Transfers were today, so I got my new companion Sister Payne. We both have been out for the same time, we were in the same zone in the MTC, so we will be training each other. We are in Florence still, so I gotta show her the ropes haha

    So Sister Barton will be flying to Idaho tomorrow. It is crazy that she is leaving. I am gonna miss her. We were so close and she taught me so much! She was an amazing trainer and taught me everything I know! I am excited for me and Sister Payne. This transfer is going to help both of us grow so much! thank you!. 

   But everything sounds great and i'm glad you enjoyed conference! It was amazing! I will have to give you more details next week. I am a little nervous for what is ahead but I know the Lord is going to help me. It is going to be great! I love you so much! Good luck with work! 

Sister Hancock

April 1st

   Me and Sister Barton are the only ones that live in the apartment. We live at a members home, her name is Sister S. She is such a nice lady. We love her!  The part we live in is above the garage, so the extended part from the house. We had fast sunday too and we forgot to fast also hah but we had speakers and a special musical number by Sister Hancock and Sister Barton haha.It was a awesome sacrament meeting and me and my companion sang He Sent His Son! I guess i am a singer now.. not really haha we had lots of people say we sounded like angels haha.

 For our mission plan for the members, each auxiliary prays for 5 less active names to contact     and they ask them if they have a testimony, if they plan on coming back to church and if they say no or yes to both questions you ask the last question, will you take lessons from the missionaries? So you guys could try that!
Our 2 investigators on date are doing great! And we are trying to find more people! We do have a potential family. The husband is a less active member. His wife and her daughter are the ones we want to teach. The daughter wants to be baptized. We are just trying to get a time to meet with them. You can pray for that.

    O and about the goodfellows,  a lady in our ward knows them. I saw her wedding invitation on the her fridge and i asked her how she knew them. So that is pretty cool.

    My Easter Sunday I woke up and opened the presents my mom sent me and went to church, talked to people and had dinner at a members home!  It was a good day! We also had both our investigators there and about 10 less actives! Kinda weird having my first holiday away from home but it was good:)

     This week I got to go to Eugene on Wednesday because my companion went to the temple. So I spent the day with the sisters there! It was really fun being with them! I hope I serve there sometime. They serve in the college ward, so that would be really fun!! Eugene is so different from Florence. Florence is a much smaller town and there isn't much around.

Time goes by so fast! I feel like I just had p day and now it is our last week before transfers and my companion is going home to good old Idaho Falls! It is crazy!! She leaves April 9! I'm kinda nervous leading the area with my new companion. I'm sad Sister Barton is leaving but it will be a good and exciting change for her and for me. So this week is going to be full and busy! I'm really excited for conference!!

    Well I hope you have a great first week of April!! I hope you liked the pictures! I love you very much!! I hope your reading and praying with Dad! It is never too late to start. I love you!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Hello Family!
     Sounds like everyone is great! Things are great and just out sharing the gospel to all these people in Florence! There are so many people we talk to that already know it is true! Which is awesome!! This week is going to be great, being Easter week and conference next week! So we plan to make fliers and give them to everyone we see! We have had lots of miracles!! We are about to teach a family who the mom and daughter want to be baptized! 

     Our 2 investigators are so awesome! We had some awesome lessons with one this week! We talked to her about the Plan of Salvation! She just ate it all up! She was so excited to know that she can do the work for her mom and grandma! That touched her so much and brought her so much peace! She is so humble and knows it is all true! She loves feeling the spirit and having that comfort! Kay and some other people came to church yesterday! We were so excited to have her there! She has some health problems but she stayed the whole time! She loved it and will be coming again! 

    At church it was ward conference and the stake president talked in sacrament. He had an amazing talk about President Monson's call 'Reach out and Rescue!' That the rescue is to all. He talked about the young men who carried the people across the sweet water river one person at a time. We need to to do the same, rescue one person at a time. There is not limit and as we let the Lord help us he will multiply our effort and do much more than we could on our own. 

     It being Easter time, another thing he said stuck out to me. He asked the question, do we have a need for the Savior? He said the need we have, is the commitment we have to the gospel and the Savior. During Easter is the perfect time to think about this question and what Jesus Christ did for all of us. We all have a need for the Savior and that is His Atonement. He suffered there for me and for all of you. And he would have done that just for you and no one else because that is how much he loves all of us. 

     Happy Easter everyone!!! I hope you all have a great, long spring break and remember why we celebrate Easter! I love you all!!!
Sister Hancock