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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Hello Family!
     Sounds like everyone is great! Things are great and just out sharing the gospel to all these people in Florence! There are so many people we talk to that already know it is true! Which is awesome!! This week is going to be great, being Easter week and conference next week! So we plan to make fliers and give them to everyone we see! We have had lots of miracles!! We are about to teach a family who the mom and daughter want to be baptized! 

     Our 2 investigators are so awesome! We had some awesome lessons with one this week! We talked to her about the Plan of Salvation! She just ate it all up! She was so excited to know that she can do the work for her mom and grandma! That touched her so much and brought her so much peace! She is so humble and knows it is all true! She loves feeling the spirit and having that comfort! Kay and some other people came to church yesterday! We were so excited to have her there! She has some health problems but she stayed the whole time! She loved it and will be coming again! 

    At church it was ward conference and the stake president talked in sacrament. He had an amazing talk about President Monson's call 'Reach out and Rescue!' That the rescue is to all. He talked about the young men who carried the people across the sweet water river one person at a time. We need to to do the same, rescue one person at a time. There is not limit and as we let the Lord help us he will multiply our effort and do much more than we could on our own. 

     It being Easter time, another thing he said stuck out to me. He asked the question, do we have a need for the Savior? He said the need we have, is the commitment we have to the gospel and the Savior. During Easter is the perfect time to think about this question and what Jesus Christ did for all of us. We all have a need for the Savior and that is His Atonement. He suffered there for me and for all of you. And he would have done that just for you and no one else because that is how much he loves all of us. 

     Happy Easter everyone!!! I hope you all have a great, long spring break and remember why we celebrate Easter! I love you all!!!
Sister Hancock

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