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Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30

Hello Momma Dear!!

     This week has been full with so many things!! Tuesday evening the trainers started training. We have it at the mission home.  It is a really neat experience to be there and with all of these great missionaries. The sisters got to stay tuesday night at the mission home.  It was fun having all of us being able to chat with President and Sister Young.  Wednesday morning all the trainers work out together.  President handed me the van keys to drive all the sisters down. You can tell dad that President trusted me to drive a big van that they were renting!   I guess i am a good driver now! haha  I was pretty excited!  We headed over to the stake gym to play some dodgeball! The rest of the day was more training and waiting for the new missionaries to arrive at the stake center.

      I got my new companion.  Sister Hillner!  She is awesome!  She is from Arizona and is also 19. She is doing great and I am so proud of her. So grateful that I am her companion and get to learn from her. We  have had a really good week!! Mariah's baptism was on Sunday!! It went really well. We had a lot of non members attend and I was so proud of Sister Hillner.  She did amazing as we taught the people The Restoration.  She spoke with power and the members are so shocked that she has been out for just 5 days!!  A man came up to the two of us after the baptism and asked us if there was any nonmembers here? He then said well go get them because that was amazing! His name is Brother Shultz, who was a former general authority and mission president.  That meant a lot as he expressed how he felt as we taught. The Elders are teaching Mariah's 3 nonmember friends that came to her baptsim tonight.  We have received lots of referrals and we are going to be teaching lots of people it looks like soon.  Really excited for this transfer!!

 I hope you have a great week! Tell everyone hi and I love them very much!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 23

Momma Bear!!

     Well I am glad to hear that you were able to talk to your little boy:) and that is so fun that Bergen is going to be singing in the primary!! It is crazy to me that he is getting so big!! Maybe put him, Hank and when baby girl comes in a time freezer so that don't get any bigger;) Things sound great at home! It is crazy that it is already football season! But the it has started raining off and on here. So the rain is a comin:)

     The picture you got on Friday was of me and Sister Nealy that a mom sent out. She drove one of the sisters to our temple trip and took pictures for all the missionaries moms. We were able to go to the Portland temple as a zone on friday!! It was amazing Mom!! I loved the new video so much! I love being in the temple!! The last time I went was in the MTC, so it was nice to be able to go back!

    Well transfers are already here..... Sister Nealy is leaving me to Corvallis and I am staying here. My new missionary will be arriving fresh from the MTC on Wednesday! So after we drop off Sister Nealy at the transfer spot i will be with the Eugene 5th sisters, Rock and Conley for tonight and part of tomorrow. The transfer still hasn't really hit me yet. I'm excited and a little nervous having a greenie but I know that this is what the Lord wants me to do.

     We have a baptism this coming Sunday! Her name is Mariah, I told you about her a few emails ago. She is solid and loves the gospel! Her confirmation won't be for 2 weeks because of General Conference but she is strong, we are not worried.  Our teaching pool is a little low, so I am grateful for Dad's prayers. We are teaching Amanda, Jentel and getting them on their way to be baptized. Still finding though!! Hope this new missionary is ready to hit the streets! It is an exciting time right now with school getting ready to start. Lots more people will be in town!

  Well I have a little surprise for you and dad but idk if I should save it for Christmas??? haha we will see! Well I hope you have a great week! I love you so much! Tell Dad I can't wait for that letter:) I hope he reads these too. I'm grateful for you too. You both are sacrificing a lot for me to be here. I am not where I want to be right now but I hope that by serving with all my heart will pay you back in some way. I am grateful that I am here right now. Just this past conference one of the office couples asked me how I am liking my mission. I looked him in the eyes, with tears in mine and said "I love it." I really do, it becomes more precious to me every day. Thank you for letting me have this opportunity. I love you!

Your missionary.

September 16

Not much time... thank you for the letter! I love you!! Have a great week! 

September 9

Family and Friends!!!

     Well lots of great things are happening in Eugene!! Yesterday was a special day! It was Keelynn's baptism! Everything went great! We had great attendance and support from the ward! Something hit me at his baptism. I am not sure what but I was filled with so much joy, it was a different kind of joy, one I can not describe. It was a very special experience for us to be a part of. 

     At church we had an in-active member come and one of our investiagtors, Amanda, came after sacrament! We were so happy that she came! She works in the morning, so we were happy to have her there for sunday school and relief society. It was her first time going to church and we thought it would be great to have her talk to Bishop. The meeting with him was so powerful and towards the end he said he had an impression to give Amanda a priesthood blessing. That was an answer to my prayer. We have been wanting him to give her a blessing but our plans haven't worked out. But yesterday in Bishop's office was at the right time and place for her to recieve a powerful blessing. Later, last night, we met with Amanda after the CES fireside. She told us how she knew what Bishop said was true and that the blessing was directly from God. Because of her spiritual experience were able to commit her to be baptized! What a miracle! 

     We have a new investigator Mariah! She was a referral from a member who lives in Washington. He called us a couple of weeks ago and said he was going to bring a friend to church here in the ysa ward and wanted us to meet her. She came to church, met and exchange phone numbers. We were able to see her the following Tuesday and there she expressed that this is the path she needs to be on. She was telling us how her mom and her 6 friends from high school go on a few trips every year. Mariah really looks up to one of these friends of her moms named Molly and ever since she was little she has wanted to be JUST like Molly. As Mariah was talking to her mom what she should do about the church, she suggested talking to Molly. So she did and come to find out Molly is a mormon!! And Mariah knew that was her answer! Mariah is doing amazing and is already making changes in her life  in just a short amount of 2 weeks!
I love this work and I know it is true!! Have a great week:)

Sister Hancock

August 26

Momma Bear!!

     Everything sounds great! YOu will have to tell Gram happy birthday for me. That would be so fun to go to all the temples in Utah! You should do it! We are going to the temple as a zone in September. I am so excited!! I heard the new temple video is amazing! It is crazy that the last time I went to the temple was February! I hope Bergen doesn't forget me.... But that is sweet he misses me. He looks like he is getting so big and so is Hank!

     This week has been good! Monday just the normal old p day! We do our laundry at a laundry mat in the morning and then we had a zone activity and went hiking! Then we have FHE with the ward, which is always really fun! Tuesday we did exchanges, I went to the 3rd ward for a day with Sister Rock. It was great! Wednesday we had some great lessons and we were able to take Robert to the family history center to do family history. Later, we had a miracle! For ultimate frisbee we saw one of our potentials, Amanda. We have been trying to meet with her for awhile! We invited her to our dinner that we had that night with Caitie and Lauren and had an amazing lesson. We are now meeting with her consitently and she came to Bisco's house yesterday for Sunday dinner with some of the girls in the ward.  Thursday we had a sisters conference! It was amazing! Caitie was the star! She came and we did a little presentation with her and the elders in our ward. Friday I had my first lesson with President and Sister Young as an audience!! And the lesson was on the Law of Chasity!! haha It went really great and President was really proud of us. After, we went to the mission home and grab some dinner to take home haha I love them so much!! The weekend was great and yesterday I was able to wear my cute rain jacket for a bit:) haha it rained yesterday! But other than that it has been pretty hot. 

     This morning we woke up at 5 and went to the YMCA and played racket ball with President Lowery and Brother Heiner and some of the other Elders. I am going to be a pro at racket ball haha. O and yes we are still teaching Keelynn. We have taught him all of the lessons, except for a few of the commandments. He is on fire and getting baptized on September 8th. The work is great! The gospel is true!! Thought for this week "What'er thou art, act well thy part!" 

Love you!!!
Your missionary :)

August 19

Howdy to you Momma Bear!!!

I know!! It is insane!! I can not belive it is monday and that i have been out 6 months!!! That is so crazy to me and makes me sad. I could be a missionary forever ha. I love being a missionary. It is hard but it is so worth it. I just hope and pray that i will be able to serve Heavenly Father with all my heart because you are right, before i know it, it will be over. That is one of my desires to serve with all my heart and what is frustrating is that Satan knows that. I want my Heavenly Father to be proud of me and all of you at home.

Yes, Oregon people are very different haha there are some different ones here in Eugene! They are great people though.  Glad you are helping the sisters out in the ward! Now pray to find someone they can teach:)

Hank has gotten so big!! so crazy! Everyone is growing and changing so fast!! They all need a freezer button haha.
This week we struggled finding new people but we had great lessons with our investigators. On Saturday we had a huge miracle! We were tracting and not really finding that many people to talk to. We were at our last stop on 14th street at an apartment complex. We had just a few doors open, who were not interested. We get to the next door and we met this guy named Keelynn. He was really interested and said he has been looking for a church to go to. We asked him when we could come back and he said tonight!! So we were really excited and looking forward with meeting him again in a couple of hours at the institute. We got a member to come and one of the elders investiagtors. We get to the institue at 6 and there Keelynn was, waiting outside! We were so happy!! We had an amazing lesson, he came to church and had another lesson with him that night! I am so grateful we met Keelynn! 

Well Mom i hope you have a great week! Tell daddy o I love him and i am still waiting patiently for that letter:) O and as a mission we are going to the temple in September, if we have any names i could do, could you send them? I love you so much!! Send my love to everyone at home!
Your missionary :)

August 12

My Lovely family and Friends!! 

    The highlight for this week was Robert's baptism! He was so excited! His service was short and sweet! The best part is when he went into the water and came back up with the biggest smile on his face. He was glowing with the spirit! He couldn't believe that this is happening to him and just a short 5 weeks his whole life is changed. He was confirmed on Sunday. Bishop gave him a beautiful blessing. Now Robert is on the right path and soon will be getting the priesthood. Robert is someone really special and someone that will make a great leader in the church. Sometimes it blows my mind that the Lord trusts us missionaries to help save His children. What a marvelous work! A work I am so grateful that I am apart of. I love seeing what Robert will become and the other people we teach. It is something really special. 

     On Wednesday I had a very sweet and precious personal study. I was reading in the Book of Mormon about Enos praying mightily to God. Those words in that chapter just really hit me and I was filled with the spirit. When I came to the end of the chapter when Enos is giving his farewell, vs. 26 and 27, I couldn't contain my feelings. Enos knew what was most important in life and that was not things of the world. And in his words, "I rejoice in the day when my mortal shall put on immortality, and shall stand before him; then shall I see his face with pleasure, and he will say unto me: Come unto me, ye blessed, there is a place prepared for you in the mansions of my Father." Not only do I desire that but for these people in Oregon. The song 'I know My Redeemer Lives' came to my mind reading these verses. "O what joy this sentence gives, I know that my redeemer lives!" Then I was reading in the Ensign and came across this quote by Elder Nelson. This is what he said, "Remember, just as the body of the olive,  which was pressed for the oil that gave light, so the Savior was pressed. From every pore oozed the lifeblood of our Redeemer. Throughout the joyous days of your mission, when your cup of gladness runs over, rememeber His cup of bitterness which made it possible. And when sore trials come upon you, remember Gethsemane." I love those words! I love being a missionary! Have a great week! Love you all!! 

Sister Hancock

August 5

Family and Friends!! 

     Wow it is already Monday again!! This week was great! Caitie is now offical baptized!!! Saturday and Sunday were such special days for her. Yesterday, at church was amazing! Caitie's baptism was complete with receiving the Holy Ghost. At Relief Society we had such a powerful lesson. We talked about our 'Holy Places'. When you think of a holy place what do you think of? The temple, church, your home, etc? A holy place is any time when we feel the spirit. They are those precious moments in time. I was reflecting on what my holy places are and where I find that peace. The side walks are one of my holy places to me. That is where we talk to so many people. It is where we met Caitie, on the side walk. And now she is baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Caitie bore a powerful testimony in Relief Society. The mission can be hard at times but it is worth it, it is worth moments like that. In a letter I received from grandma she said. "I guess we have to live the best we can because one day each of us are going to run our of tomorrows... It makes me feel good to see all of you in the gospel and hear what wonderful testimonies that you have. That is what has made my 80 years so far worth living." I believe that is one of her holy places. Lets live a life worth living for! I love you all and appreciate the support!
Sister Hancock

July 29

Dear Family and Friends!!!

Your week sounded great! All the parties and spending time with Shae and Bryce! That is great to hear about Eddie! Can't wait to see those pictures:) We had a neat challenge as a mission this week. We had the OEM Trek!! From Salt Lake to Eugene, 800 miles!! As companionships we had goal of tracting 10 hours, 10 new inv. 20 bofm, 20 resto pamphlets and 60 cards. That was our trek! It was amazing! We were excited to start the Trek and see miracles happen.

 On Tuesday we were going to follow up with a potential investigator and he invited us to come in. We asked him if there was another woman in the apartment and he said yes. We go in and it is his roommate Shanice. We had the first lesson right there with her. She loved it and has been looking for a church. Her and her family are going through a death in the family right now, so the Lord placed us in her life at just the right time. We are meeting with her again next week.
The miracles continued throughout the week. Thursday and Friday were a little rocky but we didn't let that get to us. We were determined to reach our goals for the trek and knew we could do it. 

Saturday came, a new and fresh day! We had 2 tracting appointments with the Lord. First stop, all 7 of the doors that opened accepted a Book of Mormon!! Second, was the time that we decided to tract as a district, we found a new investigator Andrea and some great potentials and ended the day with 10 Book of Mormons to 10 of Heavenly Father's children! The Lord really blessed us and we saw the fruits of our labors throughout the week. We reached all of our goals besides the new investigators but we are excited to follow up on those we gave bofm's to! 

Today for Pday we had a zone activity!! It was so fun! We played ultimate frisbee and President and Sister Young joined in. They surprised me how fit both of them were haha it was awesome! We are excited for this week! Lots of great things are happening in the YSA ward. We have 2 baptisms this week. Caitie Dickelman and Robert Greene. They are so amazing and were so prepared! Hope this week is a good one! Thank you for the emails!  I love you so much!!! 
Your Missionary!!

July 22

Fam and Friends!!! 
     This week has been different and not much time with finding new people. But we have had lots of great lessons with our investigators. Our district meeting we had was amazing! So powerful! We talked about sacrifice and decided as a district to not open our letters and packages until Mondays. Along with that on Saturdays we are all tracting at 4. I'm excited to see the blessings that will come from sacrifice and for the OEM Trek to Salt Lake! Yesterday, was amazing! We had one of our investigators, April come to church! We were so excited she came! We spent some time tracting after church and found a new investigator! His name is Johnny and it was neat to see how his heart was softened as we taught him about the atonement. He wasn't interested at first and was going to shut the door but we just kept teaching and he definitely felt the spirit.

 Before our dinner we decided to tract some more and as we were preparing to leave some members came and talked to us. We asked where they think we should go tract and one of them said her apartment. So we headed over there and as we walked up the stairs there was this young women sitting outside taking her daily smoke and about to drink her beer. We started talking to her and getting to know her. She is a single mom and has two little kids, a 4 year old son and a 2 year old daughter. I started telling her how Christ came to America and blessed them one by one and told them to bring their children to Him. Tears filled our eyes as the spirit touched her heart. I felt such a love for this woman and I know she felt the love of the Savior. She was excited to receive the Book of Mormon and wants her kids to grow up in a church. We referred her to the Sisters in the 3rd ward and she said she hopes they will call her. I love little moments like that. Those moments are worth any sacrifice. 

Being pioneer month, the pioneers sacrificed so much! In companion study this morning we were reading a talk in the July ensign about pioneers to prep us for our OEM trek this week. In the talk he quotes President Hinckley "... each of us is a pioneer in his or her own life." That statement is so true. We are modern pioneers, we are facing hardships and times of trial. One thing that the pioneers had and what we have is the gospel and our Savior. Elder Ballard said,"As grateful as these faithful pioneers were to see the rescue party, how much greater is the rescue through the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ." He is our rescuer. I am grateful I get to be a small part of that rescue in finding those who are prepared. We are all pioneers in our own way! I love you all!!!

Sister Hancock

July 8th

Family and Friends!!!
     Hope everyone is doing great! I am hearing great things. Gram, I hope your head is feeling better! Please don't fall off your bike again.

     Wow!!! What an amazing week. Idk where to begin. Heavenly Father has blessed us so much!! So many miracles!! It all started on Tuesday. We met Robert! And then on Wednesday we met Caitie. We are serving with Elders in the ward too.    Elder Henrie has felt that he should knock on this one door for a long time, so they finally did on Wednesday, and it was Caitie!! They knocked on her door like 30 min. after we just met her on the street.  Little did we know how solid and prepared both Robert and Caitie are. We had a lesson with Caitie on Friday and it was amazing. And another amazing lesson with Robert on Saturday!!

    We were expecting 5 investigators to come to church! I was confident that all 5 of them were going to come. Not only did 5 come but 7!! Danny, Teyan, Robert, Caitie, Scott, Lee and his friend Will.  5 of the 7 stayed for the other 2 hours of church! After church Robert asked us what scriptures he needs to read to become a mormon!! Caitie loved her experience at church and we had a lesson with her later on that day. We committed her to be baptized on July 28th. Teyan came up to us, saying she is ready to be baptized!  WOW is all I can say.  We couldn't have planned it more perfectly. So much more happened yesterday!  One of the best days on the mission!  My heart is so full.  I have so much love for these people that we are teaching.  Heavenly Father loves them so much and I know he loves all of His missionaries. I still can't believe He trusts me to do HIS work and be HIS servant. 

     I have been starting to read in the New Testament this week.  Something that amazed me is the love Christ had for everyone. The people that he healed had the faith that He could heal them.  With the story of his disciples out at sea, and they are fearful because of the storm.  He tells them. "Where is your faith? Why do ye fear?  It is that simple but sometimes so hard.  All we need is to have faith and the Lord will show us the way. I love you all so much!!!
Sister Hancock