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Saturday, June 22, 2013

June 3

Fam and Friends!!

Everthing sounds so good!! It is nice to hear how everyone is doing! Mais that is so fun you went to the Taylor Swift concert with that "hot date"!! haha Jennie if you are reading this, I hope your wedding day was perfect, my mom told me about it and it sounded adorable!! I can't believe you are married! Levi!! That is so exciting you are going to Mississippi really soon! Your leaving poor mom and dad all alone... well good luck bro and go find ya a wife;)

Well this week was another great week!  We did so much better getting members to our lessons this week! We were so excited to have almost all of our lessons with a member!! We taught a less active this week, his name is J. We ended up teaching his girlfriend and daughter who are not members. It was such a neat experience! They all felt the spirit, especially his girlfriend J and we will be teaching them again next week. We had another answer to a prayer! Our investigator R, the one that is not married to the man she lives with G. He is a less active member and the reason they haven't gotten married is because he needed to get disability. Well he had his court date about a month ago and just got the call this week that he is accepted for disability!! They were not expecting the call for another 4 weeks or more. The lawer said it was the fastest he has seen! We were so excited to hear the news! They can now get married! We hope it happens soon! And as we help her and G stop smoking, she will be able to get baptized!!

I was reading a talk in the May 2013 Ensign by Elain S. Dalton,this is a part in it that i loved,  "When I was in college, I was a member of the BYU International Folk Dancers. One summer our group had the unique privilege to tour the missions in Europe. It was a difficult summer for me because a few months earlier my father had unexpectedly passed away. While we were in Scotland, I felt especially alone and became discouraged. We danced at a chapel that night, and then after our performance we went next door to the mission home. As I proceeded up the walk, I saw a stone placed in a well-kept garden by the gate. On it I read the words, “What-e’er thou art, act well thy part.” At that moment those words went deeply into my heart, and I felt the powers of heaven reach out and give me a message. I knew I was known by a loving Heavenly Father. I felt I was not alone. I stood in that garden with tears in my eyes. “What-e’er thou art, act well thy part.” That simple statement renewed my vision that Heavenly Father knew me and had a plan for my life, and the spirit I felt helped me understand that my part mattered."

Whatever we do in life, act well our part! Do our very best! I love you all!!
Sister Hancock

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