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Saturday, June 22, 2013

May 13

Family and Friends!!

It was so great getting to talk and see all of you yesterday!!! I am so glad the face time ended up working! It seemed like i was right there with all of you! Loved seeing all your happy faces, it really lifted me up! It went by too fast, but that's okay :) Well what to say... so after i finished talking with you this was what happened later that day...

We are really trying to get the members involved and excited about missionary work. At our dinner appointments we have challenge them to either pray for a street to contact or someone for us to teach. Our first follow up was with Sister S. Yesterday she was proud to say she found her answer. She got a map out and was looking for a street we could contact. She said she kept going back to Rhodendrum Drive and she realized she actually knew a woman that lived on that street. She said alright that is my answer. After we had great talks with our families, we headed over to contact this referral. Sister S didn't know the exact address but she knew she lived by a member and described the house to us. We knocked on one house, it wasn't her but we found a new investigator. Then we knocked on another house that looked like the description and it was her! She was taking a nap but we are going to go back! We ended up finding 1 potential investigator, 1 new and hopefully an elderly couple we could serve. Sister S was definitly inspired! We can't do it without the members! This is going to be a great week! 

Me and Sister Payne have caught a cold but we are not letting it get in the way! The work must go on! With transfers coming up, we are ready for the finish line! Sprinting to the end!!
Well I love all of you and thank you so much for all the love and the support! I really do appreciate at it! Keep praying and don't forget to smile :)!  Spiritual Minded Is Life Eternal! 

Sister Hancock

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