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Saturday, June 22, 2013

May 27

Family and Friends!!!

This week has been a great one!! Me and Sister Payne started riding bikes.! And oh it has been an adventure!! Our first full day on them, we stopped this guy who was on a bike also and started talking to him. We were on the bike trail by a park, long story short there was this man yelling at us saying he was going to call the cops. So as we were getting on the bikes to go, I wasn't going anywhere. My skirt went underneath my tire and pulled me back and my skirt off of me. Good thing i had my spandex pants on:) it was pretty funny!! 

We had a really awesome experience this week! With that being said I am grateful for prayer. It wasn't something we were praying for in the moment but it was an answered prayer by us and the girl we talked to. We stopped by a referrals house to see if she was home, she wasn't and as we got into the car we saw a girl walking. We hurried to get out and she turns around and says hi. We started talking to her and explaining how we are missionaries. She stops us and she says 'You are an answer to my prayers. I was running and listening to church music and praying for a sign to know what to do. And then you guys came." We told her it wasn't a coincidence we ran into her. We started telling her about the Book of Mormon and bearing testimony to her and she asked if she could have it!! She started crying, we all did. She embraced us with a hug with such gratitude that we stopped and talked to her. It was a miracle. We were in the right place at the right time.

Yesterday we had a great Relief Society lesson on 'Converted Unto the Lord'. It really made realize what being truly converted means. It is enlarging and deepening of our testimony. Our testimonies are not enough. We need to be truly converted and it is a process. Like the 10 virgins 5 were prepared with their lamps of testimony and their oil of conversion. It is an individual thing. It is one precious drop at a time. I love you all!!!

Sister Hancock

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