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Saturday, June 22, 2013

May 6

Everything sounds great!!

This week was awesome! Full of miracles! We had a district goal to find 10 new investigators. Saturday night we had only 4! We have been praying for the district that we would be able to make that goal. Sunday after church we went through former and other investigators. One name stuck out to me, her name is J. The elders found her a few years ago. So we went over to J's apartment. A women was outside right next door to J's, watching her 7 year old son who turns 8 in June!! We started talking to them. She became really interested and was telling us how she has trying to find something more. She is very religious but hasn't found the right one for her. We told her that we have that church for her and I promised her that the gospel will answer any question she has. We got a return appointment with her and her son! Come to find out J next door moved! We came there to find A and her son I! Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways!! I was so happy that we found 2 new investigators that are the elect! This week we found 4 investigators and as a district we found 7! We almost reached our goal! Prayer is a powerful thing! We definitly have to do our part!

idk where the elder is from but yes he had to go home to get surgery. i am excited to talk to you all on Sunday!! it will be fun to see all you happy faces! i am not sure what time it will be. We get done with church at 1. so anytime after that, we don't know when though.  tell daddy thanks and that mean alot! brought tears to my eyes. i will see you Sunday!!!!! 
xoxo sister hancock

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