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Saturday, June 22, 2013

June 16

My Wonderful Family and Friends!!!

That is so exciting all the Texans are in town! How fun!! Lots of fun stuff going on! I hope everyone is doing great!! This week was full of miracles!!

Me and my companion Sister Payne just love the Coast so much!! It is the best place! 

On Friday night we had a zone conference call and as a zone for Saturday, it was going to be a day of miracles, exercising our faith. So we had an awesome miracle with one of our investigators, K. She went to California to see her son graduate and she just didn't have the greatest time there. She was really heart broken about it and about other things in her life. She doesn't understand why Heavenly Father would do this. When she was done explaining, she said that she has gotta take a smoke. So I said we will go outside and she said no, she doesn't want us to do that. We shared some scriptures with her and the member we had with us shared her testimony. K felt the spirit so strong and dropped her lighter and cigarettes, probably without even recognizing it, saying how she feels this great energy and peace. The spirit is so strong and she later had tears of joy! It was amazing! 

Later Saturday night we had a ward talent show!! We had 5 investigators there and 7 less actives!! We were so excited and so shocked!! haha We also did a talent, involving a missionary rap and glow stick dance!! The members loved it!! We dragged our ward mission leader and another member to do it with us! Heavenly Father has blessed us so much in Florence!  Sometimes it is hard to recognize those blessings and miracles.

This sound great at home!! We had Zone conference in Eugene on Wednesday and we came with one of the cleanest cars. About all the missionaries had the same idea we had, is that we wanted to win the cleanest car!! haha we got a 5 dollar gift card to McDonalds!! It was probably one of my favorite conferences so far! Talked about becoming a consecrated missionary. It really made me realize i have a lot of work to do. This week has kinda be hard and rough for me but Saturday and Sunday really lifted me up. We found 3 new investigators on Sunday! A, G, and K!! 

Sunday morning we had a conference call with the sisters, telling us that transfers are a week early! My heart dropped. I could be transferred this time to somewhere new. After the call, i just cried because i don't want to leave florence. I prayed right there and told Heavenly Father ill go where you want me to go. Later on i was at peace and comforted, knowing that it will all work out. This moment i had also was a small taste of what i will feel like when i really leave Oregon. I won't want to leave and in a way that comforted me knowing that I love it so much I wont want to leave.  I have grown such a love for the people here and for Oregon and the gospel and a lot of things. I am excited to get the package!! For p day today we went on bay street!! I got an awesome Oregon coast hoodie and sunglasses!! While we were in one of the stores a lady walked in and it was Sister Payne's aunt!! It was crazy!! haha 

I love the gospel and love being a missionary. It is the hardest thing I have ever loved to do. Some days are hard and I want to give up, but something or someone keeps pushing me along. I couldn't do it without my Heavenly Father and Savior. I love you all!! 

Sister Hancock

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