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Sunday, September 29, 2013

July 8th

Family and Friends!!!
     Hope everyone is doing great! I am hearing great things. Gram, I hope your head is feeling better! Please don't fall off your bike again.

     Wow!!! What an amazing week. Idk where to begin. Heavenly Father has blessed us so much!! So many miracles!! It all started on Tuesday. We met Robert! And then on Wednesday we met Caitie. We are serving with Elders in the ward too.    Elder Henrie has felt that he should knock on this one door for a long time, so they finally did on Wednesday, and it was Caitie!! They knocked on her door like 30 min. after we just met her on the street.  Little did we know how solid and prepared both Robert and Caitie are. We had a lesson with Caitie on Friday and it was amazing. And another amazing lesson with Robert on Saturday!!

    We were expecting 5 investigators to come to church! I was confident that all 5 of them were going to come. Not only did 5 come but 7!! Danny, Teyan, Robert, Caitie, Scott, Lee and his friend Will.  5 of the 7 stayed for the other 2 hours of church! After church Robert asked us what scriptures he needs to read to become a mormon!! Caitie loved her experience at church and we had a lesson with her later on that day. We committed her to be baptized on July 28th. Teyan came up to us, saying she is ready to be baptized!  WOW is all I can say.  We couldn't have planned it more perfectly. So much more happened yesterday!  One of the best days on the mission!  My heart is so full.  I have so much love for these people that we are teaching.  Heavenly Father loves them so much and I know he loves all of His missionaries. I still can't believe He trusts me to do HIS work and be HIS servant. 

     I have been starting to read in the New Testament this week.  Something that amazed me is the love Christ had for everyone. The people that he healed had the faith that He could heal them.  With the story of his disciples out at sea, and they are fearful because of the storm.  He tells them. "Where is your faith? Why do ye fear?  It is that simple but sometimes so hard.  All we need is to have faith and the Lord will show us the way. I love you all so much!!!
Sister Hancock

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