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Sunday, September 29, 2013

August 5

Family and Friends!! 

     Wow it is already Monday again!! This week was great! Caitie is now offical baptized!!! Saturday and Sunday were such special days for her. Yesterday, at church was amazing! Caitie's baptism was complete with receiving the Holy Ghost. At Relief Society we had such a powerful lesson. We talked about our 'Holy Places'. When you think of a holy place what do you think of? The temple, church, your home, etc? A holy place is any time when we feel the spirit. They are those precious moments in time. I was reflecting on what my holy places are and where I find that peace. The side walks are one of my holy places to me. That is where we talk to so many people. It is where we met Caitie, on the side walk. And now she is baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Caitie bore a powerful testimony in Relief Society. The mission can be hard at times but it is worth it, it is worth moments like that. In a letter I received from grandma she said. "I guess we have to live the best we can because one day each of us are going to run our of tomorrows... It makes me feel good to see all of you in the gospel and hear what wonderful testimonies that you have. That is what has made my 80 years so far worth living." I believe that is one of her holy places. Lets live a life worth living for! I love you all and appreciate the support!
Sister Hancock

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