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Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 23

Momma Bear!!

     Well I am glad to hear that you were able to talk to your little boy:) and that is so fun that Bergen is going to be singing in the primary!! It is crazy to me that he is getting so big!! Maybe put him, Hank and when baby girl comes in a time freezer so that don't get any bigger;) Things sound great at home! It is crazy that it is already football season! But the it has started raining off and on here. So the rain is a comin:)

     The picture you got on Friday was of me and Sister Nealy that a mom sent out. She drove one of the sisters to our temple trip and took pictures for all the missionaries moms. We were able to go to the Portland temple as a zone on friday!! It was amazing Mom!! I loved the new video so much! I love being in the temple!! The last time I went was in the MTC, so it was nice to be able to go back!

    Well transfers are already here..... Sister Nealy is leaving me to Corvallis and I am staying here. My new missionary will be arriving fresh from the MTC on Wednesday! So after we drop off Sister Nealy at the transfer spot i will be with the Eugene 5th sisters, Rock and Conley for tonight and part of tomorrow. The transfer still hasn't really hit me yet. I'm excited and a little nervous having a greenie but I know that this is what the Lord wants me to do.

     We have a baptism this coming Sunday! Her name is Mariah, I told you about her a few emails ago. She is solid and loves the gospel! Her confirmation won't be for 2 weeks because of General Conference but she is strong, we are not worried.  Our teaching pool is a little low, so I am grateful for Dad's prayers. We are teaching Amanda, Jentel and getting them on their way to be baptized. Still finding though!! Hope this new missionary is ready to hit the streets! It is an exciting time right now with school getting ready to start. Lots more people will be in town!

  Well I have a little surprise for you and dad but idk if I should save it for Christmas??? haha we will see! Well I hope you have a great week! I love you so much! Tell Dad I can't wait for that letter:) I hope he reads these too. I'm grateful for you too. You both are sacrificing a lot for me to be here. I am not where I want to be right now but I hope that by serving with all my heart will pay you back in some way. I am grateful that I am here right now. Just this past conference one of the office couples asked me how I am liking my mission. I looked him in the eyes, with tears in mine and said "I love it." I really do, it becomes more precious to me every day. Thank you for letting me have this opportunity. I love you!

Your missionary.

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