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Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 9

Family and Friends!!!

     Well lots of great things are happening in Eugene!! Yesterday was a special day! It was Keelynn's baptism! Everything went great! We had great attendance and support from the ward! Something hit me at his baptism. I am not sure what but I was filled with so much joy, it was a different kind of joy, one I can not describe. It was a very special experience for us to be a part of. 

     At church we had an in-active member come and one of our investiagtors, Amanda, came after sacrament! We were so happy that she came! She works in the morning, so we were happy to have her there for sunday school and relief society. It was her first time going to church and we thought it would be great to have her talk to Bishop. The meeting with him was so powerful and towards the end he said he had an impression to give Amanda a priesthood blessing. That was an answer to my prayer. We have been wanting him to give her a blessing but our plans haven't worked out. But yesterday in Bishop's office was at the right time and place for her to recieve a powerful blessing. Later, last night, we met with Amanda after the CES fireside. She told us how she knew what Bishop said was true and that the blessing was directly from God. Because of her spiritual experience were able to commit her to be baptized! What a miracle! 

     We have a new investigator Mariah! She was a referral from a member who lives in Washington. He called us a couple of weeks ago and said he was going to bring a friend to church here in the ysa ward and wanted us to meet her. She came to church, met and exchange phone numbers. We were able to see her the following Tuesday and there she expressed that this is the path she needs to be on. She was telling us how her mom and her 6 friends from high school go on a few trips every year. Mariah really looks up to one of these friends of her moms named Molly and ever since she was little she has wanted to be JUST like Molly. As Mariah was talking to her mom what she should do about the church, she suggested talking to Molly. So she did and come to find out Molly is a mormon!! And Mariah knew that was her answer! Mariah is doing amazing and is already making changes in her life  in just a short amount of 2 weeks!
I love this work and I know it is true!! Have a great week:)

Sister Hancock

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