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Sunday, September 29, 2013

July 22

Fam and Friends!!! 
     This week has been different and not much time with finding new people. But we have had lots of great lessons with our investigators. Our district meeting we had was amazing! So powerful! We talked about sacrifice and decided as a district to not open our letters and packages until Mondays. Along with that on Saturdays we are all tracting at 4. I'm excited to see the blessings that will come from sacrifice and for the OEM Trek to Salt Lake! Yesterday, was amazing! We had one of our investigators, April come to church! We were so excited she came! We spent some time tracting after church and found a new investigator! His name is Johnny and it was neat to see how his heart was softened as we taught him about the atonement. He wasn't interested at first and was going to shut the door but we just kept teaching and he definitely felt the spirit.

 Before our dinner we decided to tract some more and as we were preparing to leave some members came and talked to us. We asked where they think we should go tract and one of them said her apartment. So we headed over there and as we walked up the stairs there was this young women sitting outside taking her daily smoke and about to drink her beer. We started talking to her and getting to know her. She is a single mom and has two little kids, a 4 year old son and a 2 year old daughter. I started telling her how Christ came to America and blessed them one by one and told them to bring their children to Him. Tears filled our eyes as the spirit touched her heart. I felt such a love for this woman and I know she felt the love of the Savior. She was excited to receive the Book of Mormon and wants her kids to grow up in a church. We referred her to the Sisters in the 3rd ward and she said she hopes they will call her. I love little moments like that. Those moments are worth any sacrifice. 

Being pioneer month, the pioneers sacrificed so much! In companion study this morning we were reading a talk in the July ensign about pioneers to prep us for our OEM trek this week. In the talk he quotes President Hinckley "... each of us is a pioneer in his or her own life." That statement is so true. We are modern pioneers, we are facing hardships and times of trial. One thing that the pioneers had and what we have is the gospel and our Savior. Elder Ballard said,"As grateful as these faithful pioneers were to see the rescue party, how much greater is the rescue through the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ." He is our rescuer. I am grateful I get to be a small part of that rescue in finding those who are prepared. We are all pioneers in our own way! I love you all!!!

Sister Hancock

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