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Monday, August 25, 2014

April 21, 2014

Family and Friends! 
What a beautiful Easter we have all experienced! Easter has put in a new meaning for me being out in the mission field. It is amazing how much our perspectives change as we serve our Savior. This last 3 months as a mission have been life changing. We were given an Easter invitation to Come unto Christ, to learn of His Atonement. Before and still now I saw the Atonement working in other peoples lives and what miracles those experiences have been. Something changed these last couple of weeks. Beginning to see how the Atonement has changed me. I am no where near where I want to be but I know it is because of the Savior where I am now. LOVE has been the motive, the SPIRIT the key and CHRIST has been the reason for why I choose to continue to serve. I love the spirit and the peace that Christ's brings. I love my brother, Jesus Christ. His love is unfailing and He is always there. We can Stand TALL because He stands with us. Grateful for new beginnings. Grateful for Bev and her decision to be baptized. Can't wait to see her in white this weekend. I love you all!
Sister Hancock
Prayer list: Bev, Buddy, Janette, Cynthia, Jennifer, Thomas, Ray, Amy 

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