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Monday, August 25, 2014

July 28, 2014

Some cool events and miracles that happened this week :)

1. The mission got special permission to do service for the Junior
 World Track Championships and Track Town USA (Eugene Oregon). This
 permission to do this went all the way up to Elder Ballard who said,
"That is exactly what we want our missionaries to be doing!" So we
 helped by first being a model for Adidas clothing, head to toe. It was 
our uniform that we had to wear. Second we helped with apparel that 
other volunteers needed, delivered water and snacks to the volunteers
 and all the missionaries in the area were part of the opening 
ceremony. We carried flags around the track. It was pretty neat to see
 all of these countries gathered together. Testimony to me that night
 that we are all brothers and sisters.

2. The wedding bells are ringing!!! Karisa and Doug set there date for
 their wedding! Last week they prayed about it and she felt good but 
the only thing she was worried about was what her mom would think. She 
didn't want her to think she was rushing into it just to be baptized 
because she wouldn't understand. Well Karisa experienced a miracle as 
she called her mom and got her blessing with everything. Her mom was 
so supportive! The wedding will be September 20!! Heavenly Father
 answers our prayers.

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