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Monday, August 25, 2014

July 7, 2014

It is amazing the things you learn in a week. I know that Heavenly Father has blessed us in ways that I am so grateful for. One example of that was the other day we were contacting people and not having great success but we decided to do the names on the relief society list. Earlier that day we put a mark by the sister we felt impressed to see. We started with the ones Sister Olson and I both felt to see. The first one we went to was a miracle! She let us in and had a great lesson with her about baptism and the sacrament! She hasn't been to church in 17 years and was baptized 20 years ago. She said we can come back this week! Heavenly Father brings us low, so he can lift us a little higher. 
Our 4 of July consisted of missionary work:) Creswell is the place to be on the 4 and so many people were here from other places. We watched part of the parade with a less active family and then headed over to see another less active and just talking to people along the way. Had lunch at our wml house and dinner at the bishops! After bishops house we headed home to do weekly plannning at 7. Tried to watch some of the fireworks through our bedroom window ha. The high school and elementary is right behind our house where the fireworks were.
Love you!

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