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Monday, August 25, 2014

August 4, 2014

Family and Friends! 
A few highlights for this week:
Last Sunday we taught 3 hour and watched certain videos from the Work of Salvation broadcast. The members loved It and it was so inspiring. It went great! One of the member families captured the vision so quickly. The next day we had dinner with them and they invited their sons friend to come. Christian is his name and has been part of this member family for years. He has came to church in the past and has fhe with them every week. They finally just realized what are we doing? We need to do more. This wasn't the first time meeting Christian or sharing a message with him. But this time we made a plan with the family and asked him to take the discussions. He accepted and will be seeing him again. 

We set two baptism dates this week!! Allan has been struggling with that. We probably have extended that commitment to him every lesson but he wasn't feeling it yet. We did it once again and he was completely willing. He had a change if heart and was able to see past his fear of getting baptized. And Karisa mad the final decision of when she is getting baptized after the wedding. They both will be baptized in September.

On Sunday was a special day. On the 3 of August of last year, was the first child of God I witnessed follow the example of Christ into the waters of baptism. How grateful I am for her. That I was able to be part of her special day. Can't believe it has been one year from now. I cherish that moment and the others I have had. I love my Savior. I love feeling His love for those we teach. Grateful for Him and for the people he has trusted me to find, teach and baptize. 

Love you all!! 

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