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Sunday, August 24, 2014

JANUARY 6, 2014

    We had a great week and a great new years day! We were able to watch a movie, which i didn't ke. It was so weird. It made me not want to back into the world... ever. ha the video we watched had some bad things in it for little kids. I was shocked! What message are they trying to get across? We were able to play some softball later! It was so nice to be able to run, throw and hit again. We also played dodge ball and ultimate lightning as a zone! So much fun! And we were able to meet this Less active lady that worked at Target. Also we got a flat tire on the way to the movie. pretty funny ha

    Well the rest of the week was great! Tonight I will be leaving to Eugene with Sister Savage and LeSuer. We have mlc tomorrow! Really excited for that!! Hope you have a great week! You should check out this mormon message "Lifting Burdens" Through His Atonement we can change and be lifted from our burdens!! Love you so much mom! Tell everyone at home I love them as well!! 

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