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Sunday, August 24, 2014

FEBUARY 3, 2014

Family and Friends!!
The weeks keep flying by!! Isn't time a precious thing? The little moments are what matters most. So grateful for the time I have been given on my mission so far. I love it! 
                    "Come seek us where our voices sound 
                         This cowgirls heart will rapid pound 
                    While you are searching remember this 
                      an event like this you can not miss! 
                   To the commitment we gave she said yes 
                    and her choice will bring forever bliss
                       All this happens in the month next 
                          which is why we send this text... 
                                   The day is 11 twice.. 
                               Isn't that just really nice?" 
This week we set a baptism date on Wednesday!!! This cowgirl's name is Janette! She was first introduced to the gospel two years ago. So we are not her first set of missionaries... but we are her first set of Sister missionaries :) She tells us that is what she needed. She is so grateful President Monson sent out the girls!  Those are the moments I can't contain from smiling!! It brings my soul so much joy when one of our Heavenly Father's children excepts the invitation to follow Jesus Christ. Beautiful moments. That is what missionary work is all about. Bringing His children back to Him. Helping them go to the temple, where they can be sealed to their families for all eternity! So grateful for the blessings of the temple! I love you all!! 
Sister Hancock

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