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Sunday, August 24, 2014

DECEMBER 2, 2013

Family and Friends!!
Hope everyone had a good turkey dinner!! It is officially Christmas Time!!!! So excited for this month!! I know great things are going to happen!
Heavenly Father is just pouring out blessings upon us! We were blessed with 4 new investigators this week! We met Rayne on Wednesday night. We were actually going to contact a less active member but she wasn't home. Rayne answered the door and we asked her if we could come inside and teach her more. She willingly let us in and we were able to teach her the Plan of Salvation! It made so much sense to her! We got her info and she said she would love to meet again. We will be seeing her this weekend!
We had a great thanksgiving dinner with some of the Relief Society sisters! We were so blessed to have such a great meal and be around some of the girls in the ward! Friday for district meeting we talked a lot on prayer. Focused on the blessings that come when investigator pray and pray on their knees. We also discussed using prayer as a door approach. We haven't put a good effort in trying this in our area so after the meeting we decided to give it a try. It all started with an intense civil war game that caused us to receive a miracle of finding a free parking spot!! Then proceeded to contact 2 potentials and 3 new investigators with this approach! They were so accepting as we asked them to prayer for them and their finals coming up this week.
I have learned so much this week!! I have been studying the conference talks more and really have gained knew knowledge from them. I am grateful for our Prophet, his apostles and the other leaders of the church. One of the talks that I loved was called "The Words We Speak" It's about speaking to our children but applies to the people we teach everyday. One of the quotes is " To speak to a child's heart, we must know a child's needs." I changed it to say, "To speak to an investigator's heart, we must know an investigator's needs." And another part of the talk I applied to those we teach.. "What will we say to them that will sink deep into their hearts? What words will encourage them, lift them and help them stay on the path? Will we make a difference in their lives as we take the time to tell them they are sons and daughters of God and He loves them? And don't they need to hear that their Heavenly Father loves everything about them, that they are special to Him." I love the phrase 'The words we speak'. What words will we choose to speak today? Especially this holiday season!! Take the time to think of what Christ has given you and what you can do to give back to Christ. It may be the words you speak. I love you all so much and so grateful for the support!!! Hope you all have a great week :) 
Sister Hancock

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