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Monday, August 25, 2014

July 14, 2014

Family and Friends!
    What I know is that the Savior is always there. D&C 84:88. Sister Hobbs reminded us that there also are other angels from the other side helping us along. Was also taught that lesson a couple of weeks ago. Our new mission president's wife told us that there are more with us than there are against us. Hope you all are doing well! And remember who is always by your side. 
    Something I learned today is that the Savior is the one who helps us become more than we are. Mormon tells his son Moroni, "I am but a man and I have but the strength of a man.." I know I feel that everyday. But I have also felt the strength that Christ offers to each of us. We are all more than just a man and can be perfected through Him. Sister Russell taught the sisters in a mlc meeting we had and she said this, "Remember not just who you are, but WHO you have always been." Right now we may just have the strength of a man but through the power of the Atonement we can be so much more. We can become who we have always been. That is what these people we are teaching desire to be. Some have forgotten but we are trying our best to remind them. We are teaching an amazing couple right now, Karisa and Doug. Doug is a member of the church and working on coming back and Karisa is a non member. They are working on getting married and have seen their faith grow each week. Doug has such a strong desire to do what is right. He has seen that his own strength isn't enough. that there is more. More that he can have. We had a lesson with them this past week and Doug was touched by the thought that was given that he could baptize Karisa. What a special spirit that brought into the room. To see tears in his eyes that he could do such a special thing. He knows lots of changes are ahead but he knows that through Christ he can do hard things. So excited for their future and what the gospel will bring to them and what it will do for them. I just imagine them in white and going to the temple together. I know that day will come and oh I can't wait. 
Love you all!!
Sister Hancock

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